Thursday, November 26, 2015

My RPG Downloads

Comcast dumped their home page service, so I have to find another place to load the rpg files.

Monday, September 28, 2015

the Killing

My wife and I have started watching the American version of the Danish series, the Killing.  If you've seen it you know, but if you have not here are a few comments.  The series episodes have a slow pace that lets the visual and the revelations sink in - and without commercial breaks it is a powerful experience.  It reminds me of Broadchurch, but with a less mythic overlay.  It welcomes in more of the messiness of life and its other layers. show begins with a murder, and the grief and pain of the family is one of the main themes--recurring, long-lasting, and incomprehensible grief.  It is the first series I've seen that gives ample camera time to these expressions.  One of the scenes in the early episodes when the parents are preparing for the funeral juxtaposes a crucifix in a Catholic church with those of their murdered child.  The priest offers comfort to the mother by assuring her that "God is watching over her now."  The mother is silent, and then as she is leaving, stops and turns to reply.  She does not reject his statement, but its worth, its value, and finally asks the eternal question whenever a horrific act of violence against innocence occurs, "Where was God?"  No one intended it, I'm sure, but the crucifix was at the heart of what would have been a deeper answer.  The juxtaposition said more, perhaps, than the director or writers intended.  Maybe not, in which case it was brilliant.